Unity Sound Activation

Welcome to the Unity Sound Activation experience!

Hello everybody! I’m Ximena Santibañez and I’m so glad you’re here and ready to find and be found by this experience.  

This is the first compound of Light and Sound for our Highest Good and the second test that I’m running with a wonderful network of Lightworkers and healers that are gifted with Light Language in sound form. 

The question that we all held in our intention was:  

What do we need right now to help us connect with the idea of Unity?

Unity in divinity, in community, as a planet, and human beings.

How does the Unity Sound Activation help answer this?

We are so used to thinking, and trying to understand things with our rational minds. Light Language and sound usually appeal to a less rational side of ourselves. The three voices that came together this time are working together to help us vibrate in a different way. A way that may allow us to understand and unblock whatever has been getting in our way as individuals, but also as a global community to achieve UNITY. By listening to the Sound Activation, we can go beyond what we know and understand, and help clear the blocks along the way.

The 3 wonderful Light and Energy workers that helped bring Light to this Sound  were: 


The Unity Sound Activation experience:

Along with the light transmission, some powerful messages came through as well. I recommend you to enjoy these elements to make the most out if this experience: 

  1. Read Deborah’s Light poetry message. 
  2. Listen to the sound activation. (it’s about 9 minutes long).
  3. Sit in the energy of the sound and let your body relax for a couple of minutes or throughout your day. 
  4. Read Jane’s Myth for Unity, along withe the truth I found (Ximena’s message) during this process. 
  5. Re-listen to the sound activation enjoying the rational messages you’ve received and letting the resonate within. 
  6. If you feel called to it, tone along with the Unity Sound Activation and see what comes through for you. Using your own body to go along with the sound may help bring further energy to you and to all of us.


The Unity Sound Activation can be found here: 

Deborah’s Light poetry message: 


Deep within your Soul, where the internal universe glows.

Where you find the fire of life, the rivers of knowledge and the centre of creation. 

Seek out this sacred space and swim in the rivers of conscious awareness.

We are the creators of the Cosmos, here for just a brief moment, but to dwell in the universe for eternity.

Within the fabric of this current awareness, there are many shifts.

Shifts of time, place and polarity.

Seek with love Seek with trust

Within love, all things dwell Within truth, there is raw compassion that strips away any misconceptions.

From the fires of creation, we are the seeds of unity, to fertilise the rivers of our own creative awareness.

From the seeds of the Universal Father, birthed through the womb of the Universal Mother we are consciousness in creation. Unification is complete with the surrender of self.

Find the sweet spot of creation where unity exists in totality, deep in the Soul of your being.

Expand into the sacredness of this space. Let it envelop you, seep into the pores of the very fibre of your spirit Feel the Unity, feel the love. When we come together in the sanctity of this sacredness we are all one.

One Soul, one heart, one sacred Unity for all life, dwelling in the stream of living consciousness each United in word, thought and deed for the sanctity of the whole.

Love all that you see, for you are in all that is created. Swim in the rivers of universal consciousness, feel your Soul expand into infinity to infuse and unite everything that is, will be and has ever been. For you are all of what it is, all that has been, and all that is yet to be birthed in the unity of the whole. Rise in the sacred fires of unity, do not play in the cinders, for it is time for the collective shift into holy Sovereignty.

Ximena’s message


Fear is blocking the way of our understanding of unity. The fear that nature will destroy us, so we must control it first. Fear that people will hurt us, so we must protect ourselves. Fear that love will make us weak, so we must not give in. Fear that others will be disappointed or overwhelmed by us, so we must not be ourselves.

The time has come, fear is no longer the rule. It’s time to honor it, and let it go. It has kept you safe from being destroyed and hurt. It still serves a basic purpose: to survive. But, you are here to do much more than merely survive.

Love rules now.

In love you are Unity.

Love will keep you safer through connection than destruction and control ever did. Trust in love. Grow in love. 

Jane’s Myth


It was dusk and the midwives had just left. A new mother cradled her child. A new father looked on with a mixture of pride, awe and a little fear. The tribe was small. Not much bigger than a few families. The kinship was loose and they scattered a little at times, especially if food was scarce. There was no fixed home as such. They travelled and took shelter in different places. They favoured  caves in the winter.

It was a cold winter morning, first light, when the others came to visit. The child, already alert, was looking around as if he was taking in these new faces. There was to be a ceremony of sorts. The wise one was coming.  A nest of skins was ready, heaped onto a stone altar at the centre of the cave. Fires were lit.

When she arrived, she brought the birds. They came to the trees outside the cave. A few intelligent crow-like ones entered with her. This was unusual. But then so was the child. She came to the mother, respectfully. She took a moment to honour the labour that had brought this child into the world. The mother held out her first born son. He was almost hairless. That was the first sign that he was something new.

The wise woman locked eyes with the child. She keened and saw. She sang to him. He reached up to her. Stroked her face. He was fascinated. He watched the beads in her hair dance as she moved her head. She placed him with care onto the skins. The tribe gathered. So did the birds.

And then came the animals. One or two at first but then others. Boar joined bear. Wolf and squirrel came. Mouse, fox, wildcat and snake. They came as equals. They came without thought of hunting or chasing or hiding and running. They came.

The peoples of the Earth came to see the child. There was a pause in time. A beat. Balance. Peace held.

And then the animals turned to go.


The child is adolescent now. His body carries the scars of a hard childhood. He is smart. Wild. He can already hunt and kill. He has known loss. His mother fell ill some winters past. He has been without her for some time now. There is a lack of understanding between him and his father. He thinks differently from him. He has a way with tools. He likes to make things that make things easier. His father is unsure. Outclassed. Its not his way. There is hurt in his heart even though he has no words for what he feels or where inside he feels it. He needs to take, to fight and to be always alert to survive.

In a dream, the future comes to visit him. Its clothed in bright colours. Its clean. The people of the future are lost. They don’t know the land. They roam like him but there is an emptiness to their travels. He knows they aren’t looking for food or shelter. In his dream, kind voices make sounds he doesn’t recognise. They are lyrical. They rise and fall. The owners of the voices rest their hands on his sore body. They bless the bruises. They sing to him. He is reminded of his mother. Love awakens. He remembers. Something heavy slides from the heart he doesn’t know he has. Something changes. The future spins out through the generations a little differently than it might have done.

On waking, he recognises that its time for a child of his own. A daughter perhaps. Or a son. Both would be right.

Spreading the Light:


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