Power of Sisterhood Activation

Welcome to the Power of Sisterhood Sound Activation experience!

If you’ve been here before, welcome back. If this is your first experience… Welcome! I hope you get a chance to catch up and learn more about what’s happening with Light & Sound!

I’m Ximena Santibañez and I’m so glad you’re here and ready to find and be found by this experience. My gratitude expands every day when new Light Workers join into this experience.

In this compound of Light and Sound for our Highest Good our intention was:  

What do we need to activate, enjoy, and heal the power of sisterhood here and now in the planet?

Why Power of Sisterhood?

The first thing I want to tell you is… Some good friends cringed a little bit when I told them this was a Sound Activation about the Power of Sisterhood. Why? Well… Because they are either men, or their gender identity does not fit into traditional male/female stereotypes. The previous two Sound Activations seemed broader. Unity and Caring seemed pretty universal. However, when we are talking about the Power of Sisterhood, it is an energy that we are working with. We are ALL working with the broken, healing, and misunderstood Power of Sisterhood. Even if you are a man. Even if you don’t identify your gender as male/female. We are all healing and helping this evolve for the Highest Good.  

How does this Sound Activation help answer this?

We are so used to thinking, and trying to understand things with our rational minds. Light Language and sound usually appeal to a less rational side of ourselves. The voices that came together this time are working together to help us vibrate in a different way. A way that may allow us to understand and unblock whatever has been getting in our way as individuals, but also as a global community to achieve UNITY. By listening to the Sound Activation, we can go beyond what we know and understand, and help clear the blocks along the way.

The wonderful Light and Energy workers that helped bring Light to this Sound were: 

and mixed and produced by: Ximena Santibañez.

Notes on this Sound Activation experience:


This sound activation is a little bit different. I want you to start with something simple before you listen to the Sound Activation.


  1. Say the word SISTERHOOD out loud. What do you feel? Please don’t reason through it. This is not about what you think. Just see what the word does in your body and your feelings, emotions, etc.. Does it feel empowering, vulnerable, overwhelming, fake, threatening? Where do you feel it in your body?
  2. If you know more than one language, say the word in those languages and see if the language makes a difference.
  3. Now you’re ready to listen to the Power of Sisterhood Sound Activation. And afterwards, come back and read the collaborations, messages and other things that may help you continue working with this energy.


The Power of Sisterhood Sound Activation can be enjoyed here: 




We are going beyond words, but words flow too!

Collaborations, messages, and other things.


  1. Read Jane’s message.
  2. Read Deborah’s Light message. 
  3. Let the Power of Sisterhood energy update flow!
  4. Be inspired by our caring musical contributions and inspiration after you’ve enjoyed the Power of Sisterhood Sound Activation you can find the playlist here: YouTube

Jane’s message: 


To partake in sisterhood, you have to come ready to receive, with your cup empty.

With a heart free of expectation of what might fill it. 

With an empty heart and an empty cup, you must arrive in love with nothing to give. 

Then, and only then, you can share in its power. 


Deborah’s Light message: 


The blessings of Sisterhood.
There is a tangible thread that binds us all together.
A golden thread of gossamer silk, uniting Soul to Soul, Sister to Sister in the glorious tapestry of the Cosmos….
An eternity of fellowship… bathed in an energetic communion in Spirit.
Woven concurrently in a net of peace.
Kindred Souls…united by a deep tribal reverence of ancestral and cosmic lineages that transcend evolution…
An energetic vibration that beats to the drum of creation.
A heritage of power, wisdom and knowledge.
Pieces of the same puzzle intricately independent but forged together like steel.
Values and beliefs, seeded in ancestral traditions.
Awakens the Soul and burns a fire in the very heart of the IAM.
Not flesh of my flesh, nor blood of my blood…
Yet a bond so close it demands the Holy reverence of Grace.
Separate yet the same, independent yet united, a marriage of the Soul…
Kindred spirits dancing to the beat that reverberates with the sound of orchestral joy.
Sisters of knowledge Sisters of wisdom Standing in honour Standing in truth Timelines that bind us together.
Independent Souls seeded from the same tribal truths and values, wisdom passed down through the ages.
Sacred and pure an energy recognised and worshipped throughout the ages.
Locked in love, soaring in spirit, united in the knowledge and wisdom of mastery.
Free spirits bathed in pools of pleasure, bonded in strength, to rise with fierce protection of all that is sacred.
Copyright ©️ Deborah Williams 2020

Let the Power of Sisterhood energy update flow!


Many of us work with groups. So… share the experience with your group. You don’t have to use the Sound Activation, you can create your own ritual, content, ceremony, or conversation. Have people sit with the initial energy of the word for them, and then get them to the healing.

The energy that came through this Sound Activation definitely showed me as I put it together and used it in my daily meditation:

  1. Powerful Sisterhood energy welcomes the Divine Masculine allowing it to grow, thrive, rest and recharge when needed. Always knowing that the Divine Feminine is here to take care of humanity, just as the Divine Masculine is here to drive it forward. They are both needed. They are both one.
  2. Powerful Sisterhood energy is NOT threatening or overpowering, on the contrary, it’s powerfully gentle. It shows up, visibly, loudly, and safely.

Why are both of these notions so timely? Well, Halloween always brings the talk of “witches” and “witchcraft”. That in itself brings a lot of trauma in all of our population. The hurt masculine that did the killing and censoring of witches. The pain and suffering of the hurt feminine that learned to stay quiet, invisible, and lack trust. Stepping away from victim and perpetrator, it’s important to sit in the NEW energies, and not in the old trauma. Whatever you can do to share this new energy activated through sounds like this, please do it.

Spreading the Light:


If you want to share this experience, please share this link in any and all platforms.
Looking forward to creating new experiences online and offline. If you feel called to share your voice, or any other gifts, we’ll be putting together new opportunities to connect your individual gifts with others. If you’re interested in joining this experiences, please contact me (Ximena Santibañez).
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