Light through sound and sound that brings light into your life, that’s the purpose of all our Light and Sound content.

What will you find here?

Healing Music & Content

Sound is so powerful! We connect with sound healers in a variety of levels to create healing experiences. Join our membership and receive energy updates each month, along with the tools to ride the waves and vibe in the best frequency possible. Masterclasses, discounts, healing sessions and meditations produced by amazing healers worldwide. Along with specific theme-based healing content.

Light and Sound Live Events:

Enjoy our live events with the best music, energy, and collaboration to make that little light of yours shine with the collective. Music collaborations with singers, healers, and artists worldwide showing that we can all be in tune. Special content and conversations to share the lessons learned through the collaboration and process available exclusively to our members.

Currently streamed online due to the COVID pandemic, later on we’ll offer online and in-site opportunities and collaborations.