Forgiveness Sound Activation

Welcome to the Forgiveness Sound Activation experience!

If you’ve been here before, welcome back. If this is your first experience… Welcome! I hope you get a chance to catch up and learn more about what’s happening with Light & Sound!

I’m Ximena Santibañez and I’m so glad you’re here and ready to find and be found by this experience. I have to say that even when it felt right to ask others to join in and focus on the frequency of forgiveness, I didn’t know how badly I needed this myself. From the day I shared the invitation to join, to the day I edited, I was humbly reminded of the power around this energy. I’ll invite you to reflect on it as you enjoy this experience.  

In this compound of Light and Sound for our Highest Good our intention was:  

What do we need to activate the energy of forgiveness here and now in the planet?

Where to start?

I don’t want to influence your first experience with the Sound Activation, so I will not give much of a layout here. But I do want you to allow this sound to provide you with everything you need to forgive and be forgiven. Whatever you have done against you, or others. Knowingly, or without knowing. Whatever others have done against you, or themselves; again, with an intention and awareness, or without it. Wherever it is needed, whether you need to grant it, or receive it. Welcome the energy of forgiveness into your whole body and spirit. Sit with it, and let it become part of your energy. Not just a temporary relief, but a life and energy-changing tool. 

As I discovered in this process, the first step is to acknowledge our pain. That’s why I’ll recommend you do the first Sound Activation Experience, without any specific concerns in mind. You may need a different healing process from what you expect, the activation will help you figure that out.

How does this Sound Activation help?

We are so used to thinking, and trying to understand things with our rational minds. Light Language and sound usually appeal to a less rational side of ourselves. The voices and sounds that came together this time are working together to help us vibrate in a different way. This may allow us to understand and unblock whatever has been getting in our way as individuals, but also as a global community. By listening to the Sound Activation, we can go beyond what we know and understand, and help clear the blocks along the way for us and the rest of humanity.

The wonderful Light and Energy workers that helped bring Light to this Sound were: 

Mixed & produced by: Ximena Santibañez.


Notes on this Sound Activation experience:


  1. Listen to the Forgiveness Sound Activation (10 minutes)
  2. Read my Reflection on Forgiveness.
  3. Write down any people, situations, ideas or reflections that may come to you as a result of the activation.
  4. Listen to the Forgiveness Sound Activation and keep in mind the specific things you wrote down.
  5. Repeat the process. It’s amazing to see how many things come up. Some of them may be deep and unknown to you.
  6. If you want to keep the frequency going, there’s an additional playlist you may enjoy here. Pay special attention to the video Sorry by Mali-Koa, and the power of asking for forgiveness shown in it. 

Enjoy the Forgiveness Sound Activation here: 



We are going beyond words, but words flow too!

Reflection on Forgiveness


Your tears are my tears. 
I know they have fueled our fears.
My wounds are your wounds.
The pain you cause is the pain you feel.
Whether you know it or not,
you can store that pain, and let it grow into resentment
you can heal that pain, and let it turn into wisdom
Your pain is my pain.
Your strength is my growth.
Your growth is our peace. 
May we find the strength to dig deep, 
healing your wounds and mine. 
May we clear the harm that we have caused in the past
Within you reside, both the pain and the cause of it. 
May you therefore store now peaceful healing. 
For those who came before you. 
For those who surround you.
And for those who are yet to come. 
You may notice the sound of a stream along with other sounds in our Activation. As I was mixing and editing the Forgiveness Sound Activation, I noticed that the stream came as a beautiful sign to integrate into our recording. Sal Moore recorded this near the Blaen Bran stream at Cwmbran, South Wales. This stream and the water in it, reminded me of being “washed clean”. Part of what came up for me, was just how much harm we’ve done to one another as humans, and societies. The pain and suffering we’ve caused to those that we’ve deemed as “rivals”, “threats”, or not worthy of our consideration. Planet Earth (Gaia, Nature) included. The sound of the stream joining us, felt like an act of forgiveness, a reconciliation of sorts. If you have a chance, click on the location and connect with that wonderful stream and what it brought to our Sound Activation.


Spreading the Light:


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