Caring Sound Activation

Welcome to the Caring Sound Activation experience!

Hello everybody! I’m Ximena Santibañez and I’m so glad you’re here and ready to find and be found by this experience. If you already enjoyed our Unity Sound Activation, I’m thrilled to tell you that this second experience is even more powerful and rounded. Why? Because more Light Workers and creators have come together.  

In this compound of Light and Sound for our Highest Good our intention was:  

What do we need to activate in order to fully CARE about our bodies, souls, communities, regions, nature, planet?

How does this Sound Activation help answer this?

We are so used to thinking, and trying to understand things with our rational minds. Light Language and sound usually appeal to a less rational side of ourselves. The voices that came together this time are working together to help us vibrate in a different way. A way that may allow us to understand and unblock whatever has been getting in our way as individuals, but also as a global community to achieve UNITY. By listening to the Sound Activation, we can go beyond what we know and understand, and help clear the blocks along the way.

The 6 wonderful Light and Energy workers that helped bring Light to this Sound were: 

and myself: Ximena Santibañez.

Notes on the Caring Sound Activation experience:

This experience has two strong energies cradling its sound: Sacred Feminine and Water. There is actually storm sounds and waves lost in the recording, while they may not be clearly perceived, I chose to keep them in because of the powerful participation that our Mother Earth brought through them into this experience. This Sound Activation experience has music! This time we were inspired to add some instruments to the mix.

I’m happy to say that in this Sound Activation experience, we are joining people from almost every continent on Earth. I hope you enjoy the loving energy that it brings.

If you have a regular grounding, energy clearing or chakra activation practice, I recommend you do the Sound Activation first and then do your process. You will find these sounds will permeate your practice and inspire new downloads, images, and messages.

Remember: the core of this experience is to let it wrap you, so different sounds may draw your attention every time you listen, but try to let your mind go, and be bundled up in all of the sounds as they reach you. Moving along with the sound may also help you activate sound in a deeper way. I know some sections of this piece have brought me to tears when I move certain parts of my body or allow the sound to go into them.

CARE is usually thought of as:

The provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something. Feeling concern or interest; attaching importance to something. Even looking after or providing for.

As I worked with these sounds and put together the recording for you, a very clear message came through.

Caring is all those things, but the truly key element is that it comes from a deep heart-knowledge that what you need comes from within, and that your concern, interest or importance must be felt within your soul. Caring for yourself or others is not just knowing in your mind that they are important, but understanding in your soul that we are all equally important. Thus you will not have to choose who comes first. There is no hierarchy. Caring for yourself is caring for others, caring for the planet is caring for you and others. Caring for all will help them naturally care for you. Effortlessly. Just like all those mothers have cradled their babies with loving and selfless kindness, be cradled by this sounds. Feel the comfort of their love. Feel the flowing energy of water, nourishing and washing away the noise that has complicated our CARING. For years we have come to believe that caring for others makes us vulnerable to pain. True caring actually enables us to feel for them, without weakness, but building a loving strength that overcomes it all as we connect as one soul.

May you care from your soul. Without pain or hesitation.

Let the Caring Sound Activation trigger new energies within you!

The Caring Sound Activation can be enjoyed here: 


We are going beyond words, but words flow too!

Along with the Sound Activation, there are some additional gifts to help your mind stay in this wonderful Caring energy:  

  1. Read Deborah’s Light message. 
  2. Be inspired by our caring musical contributions and inspiration after you’ve enjoyed the Caring Sound Activation… you can find the playlist here: YouTube.
  3. I invite you to get to know more of Marian Crole and Marius Billgobenson‘s stories and the work they’re doing through music.

Deborah’s Light message: 


Within the current Cosmic fold of reality, we have been called to observe the shifting illusions.
Seek and experience the highest timeline for the collective whole.
Life can be exceptionally challenging in such times of Cosmic flux.
We are called to the centre, hold a safe sacred space for all, wherever they are, on their individual journey.
Rise above the chaos of everyday reality.
Hold out the olive branch no matter the consequences.
Completely consent to trust and care on a deep cellular level for all living things.
Respect the journey of each and every person, and the truth they hold.
It may be different from your own. Honour their path too, it is equally important in the greatness of growth.
Duality is at play, huge Karmic shifts are occurring in our existing experiences.
Love as you have never loved before.
Absolutely care at a core level, hold the intention of great healing, and as you rise, so too shall the collective rise.
Expansion of the individual is celebrated by the whole.
Love every part of this beautiful pilgrimage we find ourselves on.
Seek out those who are hurting and offer solace.
Wrap each in an energetic blanked of healing, show love and divine acceptance of where they are and what they are going through on their personal quest.
Help nurture the new shoots of expansion in all you accomplish.
Start with yourself, love all aspects of who you are, and how you are becoming a driver for positive change.
If you are not there yet, plan a positive trajectory on how to achieve this.
Sit in quiet contemplation and learn to love all aspects of yourself at this time.
Care for our planet, we are here to support the Cosmic Mother to heal and transform, rejuvenate and help her rise energetically.
Do not idly sit by and observe as others plunder and dominate to destroy this sacred jewel.
Gaia is a living entity the true Celestial Mother.
Care for ourselves, how can we help another if we still have scars to heal of our own.
Bless each scar, lovingly honour and embrace what it has taught you through the journey of experiences you have amassed.
Release all the hurt, sadness, regret of any and all parts of your journey that you do not hold in love.
Each gives birth to substantial experiences in Soul growth. Each experience will be seen as a lesson or a blessing in the Soul growth of the whole.
Are you here to teach? Are you here to learn? Are you here to trigger another?
Whatever the justification, Soul growth and development through experiential advancement and alignment with love is the goal.
Learn to lead from a space of love, care from a space of compassion and rise through a space of Grace.
Love, support and care in each individual circumstance and see the beauty and magic unfold, always through a heart of love, the eyes of truth, and the Soul of compassion.

Light & Sound from Marian Crole: 

For me caring begins with realizing the richness of our complementarities, and how much we need each other.
To care means to be and to act from that point of awareness where we see and feel how the life of others and their experience of life impacts ours.
To care is a movement of openness and humility where the presence of the other appears as an opportunity to learn and to serve.
To learn from what is different and to serve life by paying attention to all its expressions. Whether life is expressed in another human being, an animal or a plant.
Care is a movement towards the other that starts from the acceptance of being touched and connected, touched by the vulnerability and the strength of the life embodied just there in front of us.
Arbol is a song that came to me as a celebration of my ancestors’ journeys. And beyond my own family tree, a celebration of the lives of each being that is part of the great tree of humanity. It is a song where the symbols of feminine and masculine energy, the sun and the moon, meet and reconcile to accompany the birth of a new tree, a tree where everyone is valued, recognized, and integrated with gratitude.
O hasard is a song to value ​​the time and attention given to building and caring for a relationship .
« Thank you for taking the time to create our landscapes, thank you for taking the risk to disagree. »
Care is for me a process of commitment towards oneself, towards the other and towards what is. It’s a a process where we take the risk to reveal ourselves and where we accept to connect to our own weaknesses. Care is knowing that we know nothing or so little of the other’s life experience, of his-her being, his-her desires and his-her regrets. Caring is daring to venture into this unknown with gentleness and trust.
From my perspective, « to care » means to commit to taking note of what is and giving importance to it. It is daring to express what we feel even and especially when it does not seem to meet the expectations, neither ours nor others’. It is making the space to listen in oneself and in the other to welcome the transformation of our experience through the filter of the relationship.
 To care is being and breathing in the sacred connection that unites us

Light & Sound from Marius Billgobenson


Caring for the environment  is important to me. Especially to include matters relating to preserve and enhance the quality of natural environment and life, including current questions faced, among others, Forest People – sometimes referred to as the pygmies – in the Congo Basin Woodlands remain crucial issues of consideration.

Tropical survival skills that allowed people to sustain life in any type of natural environment are also becoming scanned. These techniques are meant to provide basic necessities for human life, which include water, food, and shelter. The skills also support proper knowledge and interactions with animals, plants and people to promote the sustaining of life over a period of time.

This song explains that more than 1.6 billion rural people are depending upon forests to some extent. Yet, at the same time, many Forest People in the Congo Basin River are increasingly threatened by unsustainable activities such as logging, mining, cattle ranching and plantations. Getting to know them, has made me share their story for others to care.

Happy Man In My Singing Woodlands recalls the portraying of my meeting with Sir MBU, the pygmy percussionist.

Conceptually, Tears on the Ground is a song of love and remembrance. Sometimes you can’t explain what you see in a person you love. It’s just the way they take you to a place where no one else can. It invites us to care one another while celebrating the social advocates who have shaped, cared and embraced our pleasant lives. It aims to remind people to take a moment to look around and appreciate the benefactors, both seen and unseen. To think of the people who’ve spoken into our life. The ones who’ve prayed for you consistently and encouraged us with their wisdom that have made us the great kings we are today.

Spreading the Light:


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